New Band

I have a band called, HEREUPON, that’s been formed together by me and guitarist/vocals, Ozzy, for about 3 years now. We recruited 2 other musicians, Jairo, vocals and Jose, guitar. Are first song to play is “King for a day by Pierce the veil.” We will play and record it on June 18, 2014. So, if you like that kind of music then I hope you go check it out on YouTube later on.

People Person

  • I honestly don't like to brag or do anything cocky. I got for sure don't like being a b!!ch to people unless I have to. But a lot of my peops growing up say I'm chill, but it's pretty weird though, it's whatever. I kind of just go with it. I've had and still have multiple people say that I'm like a white dude I'm a black body. Mom thinks that's b.s but I think it's a complement, it's pretty kool and all.